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At Capital, we are asked lots of similar questions and give similar answers – here’s a few which might help you!

What is self storage? Self storage is a service which provides a ‘do-it-yourself’ storage for both business and domestic users. Self storage is flexible so you can store for as little or often as you like and only you hold the key to your own rented clean, dry, individually alarmed storage room.

How much will the storage space cost me? We have a whole range of different sized units available from a small locker to the size of a double garage. If you know what you need to store, go to our online space calculator which will give you a price immediately! Alternatively take a look at our current price lists and Special Offers on line.

What does the price include? All prices include the unit charge, rates, service, utility bills and maintenance costs. You will require a padlock to secure your unit and additional insurance can also be purchased.

How often can I have access to my items? Unlimited access is available free of charge during our long opening hours.

Do I need my own padlock? Yes, as only you have access to your unit. When you fill your unit with your items, you lock the unit and take the key to your padlock home with you for safe keeping. Small padlocks are available from Capital for as little as £4.50.

Do Capital sell boxes and packing materials? Packing materials can be purchased in person from our depots, including an extensive range of packing materials from boxes to bubble wrap.

Do I have to reserve a unit in advance? No, you just need to complete and sign a storage agreement form and then you can move your goods in immediately. To ensure the best service possible for you we would appreciate some notice and an advanced booking if possible.

How do I deliver and collect my items for storage? We have lots of space for unloading and loading, so just bring your goods in your own vehicle or a hired vehicle. We recommend local van hire and removal companies on line which are local to each of our depots.

Will Capital accept deliveries on my behalf? Yes, if arranged in advance. We would need to hold a key to your room and take delivery of goods for you. We sign for the amount of packages received but not for the contents as this would necessitate us opening your packages. This service is offered free of charge.

Do you have trolleys available? There are a number of different sized trolleys and pallet trucks available free of charge for customer use. We also have a forklift truck available at the Derby and Preston depots for any heavier goods, which can be operated on your behalf by one of our trained staff.

What size of units are available? Sizes available are from a locker to a double-garage size. Check out our space calculator which calculates the space you require by cubic square feet, therefore allowing for stacking as well as floor space.

What if my goods won’t fit into my storage unit? No problem! Depending on availability, you can transfer your items to a larger unit.

How long can I rent my unit for? As long as you require the extra space, you are welcome to store at Capital for a week, monthly or even yearly. The minimum storage period is seven days.

What do I need to do when I want to vacate my unit? We require 14 days notice, which can be given in person, in writing, by fax or email.

Are the units heated? Even though the units are not heated, the temperature within them tends to be fairly constant. The storage depots are very well insulated so that items stored are never too hot or cold.

Are there any limitations on what I can store? Almost anything can be stored except:

-Living items - animals & plants
-Hazardous materials - flammable liquids and explosives
-Items that could decompose - exposed foodstuffs
-Unauthorised or illegal goods - firearms etc.
-What payment do Capital accept?
-A number of payment options are available including cash, credit or debit card, cheque and standing order.

Is there someone at the store I can talk to should I have a problem? There will always be a member of staff available during our long opening times.

What are Capital’s opening hours? Monday - Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm
Saturday 9.00am – 4.00pm
Where can I find Capital Self Storage Depots? We have a number of storage depots in the Midlands and North West of England, all at convenient, close-to town centre locations.

To find out more about Capital call free on 0000 222 0007, or let us call you!


Capital’s friendly staff are here to help with our very own self storage tips!

1.Before storing decide which items you will need access to the most, then position these items at the front of your unit, near the door
2.Make your goods easier to locate by labelling or numbering each box. This system can help
make up an inventory of your stored items which you can keep safe at home
3.Use good quality storage boxes and fill them to capacity to avoid them tipping or collapsing – Capital sell a full range of cardboard boxes
4.We also sell bubble wrap which can be used to protect all your fragile items, including dishes, pictures, mirrors, glasses and even table legs!
5.Make your unit more cost-effective by achieving a good stacking base – always position heavy or bulky items in the unit first and stack similar sized boxes together
6.Stack correctly to utilise the maximum space available and stack chairs seat to seat separated with bubble wrap
7.Ventilation is important when storing your items - leave refrigerator and freezer doors open for ventilation (please defrost fully before storing at Capital!).
8.Avoid stacking or leaning furniture against outside walls
9.Wardrobe boxes are great for temporarily storing your clothes on hangers which help keep their shape and avoid creasing. These are also available at Capital.
10.Pack heavy items into small boxes making them easier to lift and mark ‘fragile’ on any boxes containing breakable items
11.Please clean any garden equipment before storing
12.Do not place heavy items on sofas or mattresses